Original Paintings For Sale

A selection of paintings for sale from Scottish Artist Ailsa Black. Click on each image for details of where paintings are available.

"A Good Drying Day" SOLD

"An Afternoon Stroll by Whitehaven" £490 from Ailsa Black

" Spring" £230 from Ailsa Black

"Clover" £600 from Ailsa Black

"Beautiful Beavers" £800 from Ailsa Black

Killer Whale painting for sale

"Sea Wolf" £690 from Ailsa Black

King Penguins painting for sale

King Penguins £275 from Ailsa Black

Puffinry painting of puffins

"The Puffinry" £790 from Ailsa Black

Hare and Butterfly  painting for sale

"Scent of Summer" £750 from Ailsa Black

"Summer Meadow" SOLD

Festive penguins painting for sale

"Puffs of Orange" £750

Fox painting

"Fox in Foxgloves" SOLD

yellow door painting for sale

"Yellow Door" SOLD

Sailing  paintings for sale

"Sailing with the Selkies" SOLD

Octopus  painting for sale

"Octavia" SOLD

Woodpecker painting for sale

"Woodpecker" SOLD

Mousie Capers painting

"Mousie Capers" SOLD

Hairy Helmsmen painting

"Highland Tiger" SOLD

Collar Dove painting for sale

"Collar Doos" SOLD



Open studio event from the 2nd to the 5th June