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  1. I'm delighted to let you know that I now have a new partnership with The Art Group. This new range includes a large selection of prints on paper, canvas and wood.  I have seen samples of everything and I'm really impressed with the quality of these items. wind on wool on wood

    You can choose to have prints unmounted, mounted or framed.  There is a choice of 24 images in total. Including new long format images. 

    on the run framed print


    These prints are an affordable high quality option for people to buy.  Of course if you prefer hand signed giclee prints then I'll be very happy to supply these to you. Have a look at the full range here.


  2. I was delighted this year to team up with the RSPB again for their 2019 year planner. It's packed with colour and will be sure to come in handy for keeping track of your families comings and goings throughout the year! It comes complete with a pen, note pad, post it notes and animal stickers. This is a lovely item and of course money raised from it goes to support the RSPB and their work to save our native wildlife.

    rspb year planner for web