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  1. At Ailsa Black we are keen to be as environmentally responsible as we can. We are trying to find as many ways to work as we can which makes our business more sustainable. 

    Using Eco Heating - Our studio has internal wall insulation and is heated by an eco friendly air source heat pump. 

    Using Renewable Electricity - At Ailsa Black Headquarters all our electricity comes from renewable sources. there are lots of options on using greener energy these days so this was an easy option to choose. 

    Drawing Down Carbon - We all need to reducing our carbon foot print. It's so easy to do these days with lots of copanies offering options for individuals and businesses. We decided to join Ecologi. They invest in renewable energy and carbon restoration projects. This can be in the form of funding for windfarms, tree planting and carbon sequestration technologies.

    Recycling - As much waste as is possible is added to our recycling bins. 

    Energy Useage - Our new studio is super insulated so no heating will go to waste. We have made the switch to using LED bulbs. 

    Online Carbon Foorprint - Hidden carbon emissions through internet use account for approximately 3.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions. We use Ecosia as our search engine. 

    Packaging - We try to only buy packaging which can be recycled or is biodegradable. Our greetings cards are supplied naked through our website which means we don't need to buy bags to put them in. We use packing we have recived other orders in and reuse it to send orders out. It means they can look a bit scruffy on the outside but will always be carefully packed on the inside!


  2. We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

    As a small business owner and someone who works from home I wouldn't have thought my carbon foot print was as big as some but everytime I buy something I need online, or send a delivery out, I am adding to my carbon foot print. That's why I decided to become a member of Ecologi. Ecologi support carbon offset projects such as renewable energy schemes and fund tree planting abroad and at home.

    This month we have off set 0.88 tonnes of carbon by contributing to the provision of cleaner stoves in Zambia and the production of energy from waste rice husks in India.

    With 85% of their money going toward the projects they support by paying a monthly subscription it feels like I can really make a difference. My subscription supports the work of The Eden Reforestation Projects who employ local people in areas like Madgascar and Kenya to plant trees. I have also added a monthly payment to buy a tree in Scotland with The Future Forest Company. You are then sent a link with the exact location and a picture of the tree you have bought. So having just joined I have already planted 113 trees. I have added the widget to my website footer so you can see the number of trees planted growing each month.