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  1. I'm delighted to tell you that I have a new jigsaw design available. After months of having a world wide cardboard shortage it seemed impossible to get them but now that people are venturing out and about it has arrived!

    The new jigsaw is called The Puffinry and is published by Ravensburger. It pictures puffins on a cliff top, surrounded by flowers and bees. Some puffins are sitting on the ground and some are in their burrows. In the background there are boats and a lighthouse. In the distance there are hills and puffy white clouds. 

    PUFFINRY jigsaw 2

    My last Ravensburger jigsaw was named by The Independant as one of the best jigsaws to do during lockdown. It was stocked by Next and John Lewis and quickly sold out.  I am hoping this jigsaw will as popular.

  2. I'm delighted that the Ailsa Black 2021 wall calendar is here. I'm delighted that this year Ailsa Black calendars are also being stocked by the RSPCA and Marie Curie.Featuring some of my most popular painting these calendars will be a practical and colourful addition to your year.

    Ailsa Black-Wall Calendar

    Also this year again I was delighted to work with the RSPB again to produce their 2021 Year Planner.  The 2021 Year Planner is a practical and useful family planner for the year ahead. It aslso features some of my most popular art and goes to support a very good cause with a £5000 donation being given to the RSPB from the publisher. 


    RSPB 2021 Ailsa Black year planner

    Supplies may be limited this year so get your calendars ordered sooner rather than later!

  3. I was delighted this week to have my jigsaw puzzle chosen by The Independent as part of their feature on 9 best jigsaw puzzles for kids and adults that will provide hours of fun during lockdown! Here is what they said...

    "This is a great price point for what is a quite challenging puzzle really.

    The contemporary and colourful fishing village scene found in 'No Ball Games' is painted by Scottish artist Ailsa Black. The variety of colour and detail on the busy scene makes for a vigorous challenge, although we reckon most children aged 11 and over could benefit from it.

    We really appreciated the linen finish on the print because it massively reduced the glare that can hinder puzzlers – particularly those working directly under lights. The pieces are tough and durable – so you won’t see any flaking or bending."

    independant best jigsaw puzzles