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  1. Christmas Exhibitions

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    Well winter is definately with us now and the hills surrounding me have a lovely dusting of the white stuff. I have been busy painting and driving up and down the country delivering paintings to galleries in time for Christmas. Galleries showing my work are Stirling Art in Stirling, Annan Gallery in Glasgow, Cookhouse and Cedar Galleries in the Lake District and Acorn Gallery in Yorkshire.

    I quite often have people asking me where they can buy my paintings so to make it easier I have added an originals section to my website. If you click on it you will see which galleries have which paintings. They are all happy to ship work, so if there is one you are particulary interested in, please do contact them and have a chat.  I still have a few snowscenes and suprise commissions to finish for Christmas so I'll get back to painting! Here is a sneek peek at some of my new paintings below...have a wonderful winter!

    fleecies in flowers



  2. Summer Shows

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    Over the summer I have been busy and paintings are now out in a selection of galleries stretching from Yorkshire to Glasgow with lots of new paintings on show. Galleries showing my work are the Annan Gallery in Woodlands road in Glasgow's West End, the Acorn Gallery in Pocklington in Yorkshire and the Cookhouse and Cedar Galleries in the Lake District. Look out for paintings arriving with Stirling Art soon. You can see a selection of the new paintings below. As always if you have any queries please contact me at [email protected] I hope you all have a great summer!





    a boat called hopeful

    "A Boat called Hopeful"

  3. Christmas Exhibitions

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    yellow dog and friends

    I have work in 3 Christmas Exhibitions over the winter so if you are out and about please pop in to see them.  They are with the Annan Gallery on Woodlands Road in Glasgow, in Helensburgh and Cut the Mustard in Langholm. If you can't make any of those dates them please contact me about paintings I have in stock and I will be happy to help with any queries. Meantime have a great festive build up!